20th October 2023: Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey: What Switch enthusiastic users need to know before you start playing!

Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey: What Switch enthusiastic users need to know before you start playing!

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1 Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey: What Switch enthusiastic users need to know before you start playing!
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Super Mario Odyssey


Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey demonstrates a profound comprehension of the essence of Mario’s character and is in close competition for the highest recognition with its revered predecessors. The game impresses with its abundance of innovative features, as well as its meticulously crafted level design and instances of charming humor. The work embraces absurdity and use this mindset to overcome the constraints of its otherwise conventional framework, resulting in a delightful and enjoyable experience.

Primarily, Nintendo Switch Mario Odyssey is characterized by its refinement. It provides abundant opportunities to explore new realms, smoothly transitioning from one delightful adversary and distinctive gameplay concept to another. The assortment of expansive Kingdoms in the game is diverse and extensive, occasionally displaying evident influence from Super Mario 64.
While Odyssey may not be considered a revolutionary game like its predecessor, which significantly changed the standards for 3D games as a whole, it surpasses it in every aspect. The environments in this Mario game are larger and more captivating than ever before. You will be amazed when you see Bowser’s intricate stronghold. The abundance of additional room is really beneficial, since the compact arrangements of obstacles and incentives justify every structure and expanse you come across.


The primary objective of your mission, which deviates from the usual plot, is to retrieve Power Moons while attempting to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Odyssey offers its own rendition of the series’ star collectibles, which are bestowed as rewards for both significant and minor achievements.


Obtaining a moon requires proficient platforming abilities, as well as engaging in peculiar tasks such as responding to trivia inquiries from an endearingly naive Sphinx, or searching the environment for hidden riches with an affectionate canine companion (who can also be persuaded to retrieve objects if you are aware of the method).


Throughout the game, you can easily encounter new moons, even after playing for 40 hours. This can happen by engaging with different perspectives and exploring new opportunities as they arise, such as engaging in boss encounters or placing your hat on unique architectural structures.


Cappy, Mario’s new companion, is a sentient hat that can take control of other beings and allow you to assume control. Cappy finds satisfaction in perching on Mario’s head. However, if you come across another character that is hatless, whether they are a friend or an enemy, you have the ability to hurl Cappy onto their head, so assuming control of their body and utilizing its distinct abilities.


The assortment of 52 capturable entities encompasses a range of adversaries, including humble Goomba foot soldiers and airborne Bullet Bills, as well as surprising choices such as a Christmas tree or a colossal piece of neon steak. Acknowledgement to the statues resembling those seen on Easter Island, which don pink sunglasses to uncover concealed platforms.


The advantages brought forth by possessing others not only provide a convenient source of amusement, but also complement the perpetual trials encountered in Odyssey. Notable features include the caterpillar’s capacity to flex over curves akin to an accordion and the robust beak of the Pokio bird, which can be inserted into walls and employed to propel oneself to inaccessible locations.


There is often always an object within view that you can acquire and a method to take advantage of its characteristics. Additionally, there are other remarkable set-piece sequences to anticipate, such as encountering a T-Rex or operating the tank in New Donk City. These highlights underscore the remarkable nature of Cappy’s capability inside the framework of a Mario game, and how Odyssey encourages you to not only strive for moons, but also relish the entire process right from the start.


The opportunities introduced by possessing others isn’t just an easy source of laughs, but also works hand in hand with Odyssey’s ever-present challenges.
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Super Mario Odyssey


In addition to his mind-control power, Cappy has practical applications such as being flung like a boomerang to collect coins or used as a trampoline to increase the distance of your leaps. Certain powers can be activated either by motion controls or button presses, although the ones that necessitate flicking the controller in a particular direction are cumbersome, especially while playing in handheld mode.


Although it is a minor flaw, there are no crucial goals that necessitate intricate manipulation of Cappy’s trajectory.


In addition, it is feasible for a second player to participate and assume control of Cappy as a fully autonomous character with the ability to gather coins, vanquish minor adversaries, and remotely take over objects, all while Mario carries out his own actions. Although sharing a single camera between two players may not be an effective strategy for overcoming challenging tasks, it can certainly provide a great deal of entertainment.


In general, Cappy’s maneuvers are user-friendly but challenging to fully master when combined with Mario’s diverse flips, leaps, and hops. Mario’s natural athleticism, combined with Cappy’s assistance, enables complicated and efficient traversal when utilized together.


Paired with the game’s inherently unconventional challenges, as well as the abundance of capturable adversaries and items, Odyssey swiftly transforms into a game that is effortlessly commendable.


An intriguing aspect of Odyssey is its flawless integration of 8-bit Super Mario Bros. gameplay. Given the two-dimensional nature of these portions, it is logical to assume that they take place on the surfaces of sites such as lake bottoms and the sides of skyscrapers, within a game that is characterized by unconventional logic.


Although there is a noticeable contrast in how they are presented, retro tasks seamlessly integrate into both the environments you are exploring and the overall progression of gameplay. Furthermore, it serves as the foundation for one of the game’s most intricate and emotionally touching sequences, particularly for enthusiasts of Mario.


Once you’ve “finished” the main quest–recovering about 20% of the game’s 800-plus moons–the push towards new outfits is a bonus given the amount of undiscovered opportunities that await.

Nintendo Switch Mario

While you can no longer alter Mario’s behavior by changing his costumes (unless you consider possessed bodies as outfits), you may still enjoy dressing up by combining a wide variety of headgear and suits from Mario’s previous adventures. Costumes based on video games such as Mario Paint, NES Open Tournament Golf, and Yoshi’s Cookie are available.


Additionally, there is a wide variety of real-life attire available, such as a bomber jacket and scuba gear, solely for the enjoyment of witnessing Mario cosplay. There are few opportunities to utilize a disguise for strategic purposes, typically to obtain entry to a secured area for a simple theft. However, this does not minimize their significant role in maintaining a sense of novelty throughout extended periods, if only on a surface level.


Each Kingdom provides access to two stores where you can acquire new clothing items. One mechanism involves acquiring rare coins that are scarce in each kingdom (another cunningly concealed collectible to pursue), while the other mechanism involves acquiring common coins that are scattered throughout the entire game.


The general store offers costumes for sale, which can be obtained by collecting a certain number of moons. However, some outfits can be immediately unlocked by using the appropriate Amiibo. After completing the main mission and obtaining approximately 20% of the game’s 800-plus moons, the pursuit of new costumes becomes an additional incentive, considering the numerous unexplored possibilities that lie ahead. However, this pursuit can also immerse you in a profound sense of nostalgia.


It is intriguing to observe that as the game approaches its final stage, the general store has started offering an endless supply of moons for purchase at a price of 100 coins each. It is worth noting that acquiring moons through this method does not deplete the total number of moons available in the game, thereby preserving the integrity of all the challenges.


This can facilitate the process of gathering numerous new moons swiftly, or acquiring the additional one or two required to unlock a new outfit. However, depending on it is neither efficient or advisable. At most, it provides assistance in urgent situations, but it also poses the danger of compromising the exceptional level design of Odyssey. Initially, it may seem challenging to become bored, as a substantial amount of new moons and concealed levels become accessible in each kingdom as the credits conclude. This guarantees that you won’t be observing the same familiar places with the same perspective.

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Once you’ve met Odyssey’s more substantial lunar requirements, you’ll unlock a series of modest but major new places that include some of the game’s toughest obstacles. Odyssey might be difficult in all areas for short periods of time, but it is quite forgiving overall.


If you fail a gauntlet in the game’s latter stages, you’ll have to start over from the beginning. There’s a good chance you still have hundreds of moons to discover elsewhere, but these chapters are a nice way to wrap up Mario’s adventure and make it feel complete.


The Odyssey game maintains its momentum not just with significant achievements, but also with vibrant environments and concealed obstacles. Moreover, the game provides immense satisfaction with the exceptional responsiveness and dynamism of Mario’s movements.


Despite the introduction of new elements, Nintendo’s innovative platformer maintains the timeless charm of the series’ meticulously built design, a feat made the more remarkable by the intricate level of detail in each kingdom. Mario’s most recent venture is substantial, daring, and brimming with innovative concepts, and like to Breath of the Wild, it exemplifies Nintendo’s commitment to surpassing our anticipations and redefining the norm. This is an exemplary demonstration of sophisticated ingenuity, and another exceptional achievement for the Switch that is unparalleled.