22nd October 2023: WhatsApp users will imminently introduce Secret Chat, a novel functionality: Comprehensive information

WhatsApp users will imminently introduce a novel functionality for Secret Chat!

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WhatsApp is currently in the process of introducing a clandestine encryption function for locked secret chat, as per recent reports. A recent web claim indicates that the app owned by Meta is developing a functionality to conceal locked conversations.


According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will allow users to conceal their secured conversations. Currently, the entry point to view the list of closed chats is constantly displayed in the chat list whenever there is at least one encrypted conversation. This might theoretically enable anyone with access to the phone to discern the existence of protected conversations. Upon activating this functionality, users will have the capability to eliminate the entry point and reveal the catalogue of secured conversations by inputting the confidential code into the search field.

The addition of a feature that hides the access point to locked chats and includes a secret code function to unlock the list of protected talks is a significant improvement for user privacy. Users are able to protect the privacy of their critical and private conversations, making it extremely difficult for unauthorised individuals to even discover the presence of locked chats on the device.


The popular messaging app has declared its intention to terminate service for certain Android and iPhone devices starting next week. Starting from October 24, 2023, WhatsApp will cease to provide assistance for specific obsolete smartphone types.


“In order to stay current with the latest technological advancements, we regularly discontinue support for older operating systems in order to allocate our resources towards supporting the most recent ones.” Should we discontinue our support for your operating system, you will receive many notifications and reminders to upgrade your device in order to maintain access to WhatsApp. “We will also consistently revise this page to ensure that the most recent Android version we endorse is clearly stated here,” WhatsApp stated.


How to enable Chat Lock: https://faq.whatsapp.com/764072925284841/?cms_platform=web


WhatsApp, a messaging network owned by Meta, is preparing to introduce efficient shortcuts for quickly shutting chats. According to a screenshot supplied by WABetaInfo, a new feature allowing users to quickly lock chats directly from the chat list may soon be accessible to a limited number of beta testers.


Moreover, the application owned by Meta aims to further streamline the process of locking chats by adding a separate option within the conversation data panel.


Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that not all users may have instant access to both functionalities. According to the report, some users may now have the ability to lock chats only from the chat list, without using the new toggle feature. On the other hand, some users may only be able to lock conversations by using the specialised toggle.


This secret chat upgrade represents a notable enhancement compared to previous iterations of the application, wherein users were required to visit to the chat details area, choose the option to secure the chat, and subsequently enable the lock within the “Chat Lock” screen.


WhatsApp aims to increase knowledge about the option to protect chats by adding intuitive shortcuts. This ensures that even users who may not have previously seen it can quickly utilise this function. Moreover, this improvement will optimise the procedure, minimising the number of steps needed to secure or release a chat.

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In the near future, these expedited methods are anticipated to be accessible to a broader range of users, thereby augmenting the level of security in WhatsApp conversations for users worldwide.


WhatsApp has announced its intention to introduce a password-less passkey feature for Android users. The objective of this action is to improve security and simplicity by eliminating the requirement for conventional two-factor SMS authentication, which can be both unreliable and inconvenient.




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