Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 exciting release. Google says there won’t be Budget Phones in the near future.

Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 exciting release. Google says there won’t be Budget Phones in the near future.

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Google positions its Pixel-branded smartphones in the flagship category, while the A-series is positioned in the premium mid-range area in order to cater to a diverse client base. Google surpassed the $1,000 pricing threshold in the smartphone industry with the introduction of the Pixel 8 Pro. Currently, there is a prevailing curiosity over the potential existence of a cost-effective Google Pixel smartphone. According to Nanda Ramachandran, the Vice President of Mobile Business at Google, it has been stated that there will not be a Pixel phone priced at $200.


Will there be a budget model in the near future?

During a discussion with the Austrian daily Der Standart (as reported by Android Police), Nanda Ramachandran affirmed that Google has no plans to release a Pixel phone with a price point of approximately 200 euros ($200).
The rationale provided by the highest-ranking executive is that the phone would involve “an excessive number of trade-offs that would undermine the level of excellence that Google aims to achieve.”
Ramachandran asserts that the probability of pursuing that course of action is quite low.

The Google executive elucidates that the fundamental attributes of Pixel phones encompass not solely cameras and security, but also intelligent functionalities propelled by artificial intelligence.
According to the Vice President of Google, it is asserted that preserving the authentic characteristics of these elements is unattainable on a gadget with an approximate price of $200.


Why is there a hike in Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8’s price?

When queried about the price rise of the Pixel 8 in comparison to the Pixel 7, which was approximately $100 lower at the time of its launch, Ramachandran provides a rationale for the escalation. The author references advancements in display technology, the introduction of enhanced camera capabilities, the integration of a more robust processing unit, and a substantial commitment to provide a prolonged period of software maintenance spanning seven years.

Although there is currently no official confirmation from Google on the development of a budget-friendly $200 Pixel phone, speculations and discussions pertaining to the potential release of a mid-range Pixel 8a have emerged in internet sources. The forthcoming device is expected to serve as a successor to the Pixel 7a, and recently surfaced online are leaked renders depicting its appearance. The findings indicate that the design of the device would closely resemble that of the ordinary Pixel 8, featuring symmetrical bezels, rounded corners, and a horizontal camera module.

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The Rise of Pixel’s Popularity.

The extent of Google’s dominance in the search market does not encompass smartphones. As of now, it has not achieved a position inside the top 10 best-selling products, falling behind Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. According to data provided by experts at Omdia, a total of 1.6 million Pixel devices were supplied during the second quarter of the year. This constituted less than 1% of the entire global figure.

However, despite suboptimal marketing strategies and a sluggish first performance, the Pixel smartphone is experiencing an upward trend in terms of its appeal. In the Japanese market, for instance, Apple iPhones are experiencing a decline in market share. The “Other” category within Alphabet, the parent company of Google, had a growth in revenue contribution from Pixel sales. In the previous quarter, this category accounted for 11% of total revenues, which is an increase over the 9% it represented during the corresponding time in the previous year.

There is a high likelihood that this trend will persist with the most recent iteration of the Pixel smartphone, known as the Pixel 8. However, the attribution for these advancements in face-swapping photo modifications cannot be attributed to artificial intelligence-powered features. The price factor holds greater significance. The Pixel phone is positioned as a high-end device, retailing at a price point $100 lower than the most recent iteration of the iPhone. Additionally, the Pixel benefits from software support that enhances its longevity.

The outcome that Google had in mind when it introduced its inaugural Pixel phone in 2016 was not as anticipated. The consumer-oriented smartphones have taken the position of Nexus devices, which were originally created to serve as platforms for demonstrating the widespread Android operating system. The artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of the Pixel were intended to provide it with a competitive advantage.

The chief executive, Sundar Pichai, announced a transition from prioritising mobile technology to prioritising artificial intelligence technology. Pixel is designed to collect user data in order to create a virtual assistant that is tailored to each individual user.

CEO Sundar Pichai announced a shift from a mobile-first to an artificial intelligence-first strategy. Pixel would leverage user input to create a highly customised AI helper.

If this concept appears recognisable, it is due to its resemblance to the unfulfilled commitment that continues to be advocated by proponents of artificial intelligence. The authors fail to address the supplementary expenses associated with the implementation of artificial intelligence functionalities on mobile devices.

The sales of Pixel devices continue to represent a very small proportion of Google’s overall revenue. If the company’s advertising revenue is hindered by penalties, the additional sales of one million Pixels would not be sufficient to compensate for the resulting shortfall. If the antitrust case brought by the US Department of Justice against the search business is successful, the aforementioned outcome would ensue.

Pixel may break into the top 10 of smartphones if its costs are lower than the iPhone’s and customers are price-conscious.



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