Nintendo Switch News: The most amazing peculiar 3DS Game might have finally been revived.

Nintendo Switch News: The most amazing peculiar 3DS Game might have finally been revived.

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Recent trademark filings indicate that Nintendo may be planning to develop a new installment or adapt its most unconventional 3DS game for the Switch platform. This is the information we have.


The filing of trademark applications at the end of September 2023 hints at Tomodachi Life’s relaunch in the near future. Tomodachi Life, initially launched for the 3DS, is an eccentric social simulator with a focus on Miis. Despite its popularity, Tomodachi Life never evolved beyond the 3DS platform. Neither a sequel nor a port was ever announced, but recent developments raise the possibility of both.

As per a tweet on X (previously Twitter) by @tmark365, translated by @HEYimHeroic, Nintendo submitted an application to extend the validity of its trademark for the Tomodachi Life name and associated branding on September 29, 2023. Although it is possible that Nintendo is only monitoring its intellectual property, the specific details of the trademark suggest a more serious motive.

The game Tomodachi Life was launched in Japan under the title Tomodachi Collection: New Life, however this information is not mentioned in the filing. However, the utilization of the American title implies a completely fresh Japanese launch with an alternate name, but it is yet to be determined if it is a port or a sequel.

Tomodachi Life, like Animal Crossing: New Leaf and other 3DS social simulation games, offers the ability to customize apartment decorations, a complex inter-Mii interaction system, and a diverse range of mini-games for all characters to partake in. The game was launched in Japan in 2013 and in the US in 2014, serving as a follow-up to the 2009 DS game Tomodachi Collection, which was only available in Japan.

However, what distinguishes it is its wonderfully peculiar tone. Miis are more susceptible to developing romantic feelings for one another or experiencing conflicts and disagreements on minor triggers. The interrogators pose remarkably intimate inquiries to the participant. The characters engage in peculiar, disjointed discussions at the diner within the game.

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However, what sets Tomodachi Life apart is its unwavering dedication to complete customization. As all the Miis are created by the player, each character is individually crafted by the player from scratch. Players have the ability to choose not only their physical look, but also their vocal characteristics and personality traits.

They have the ability to populate an entire island with their actual acquaintances, beloved public figures, peculiar Mii designs, or a blend of all three. Miis possess the ability to perform personalized musical compositions and utter personalized catchphrases, all of which are articulated in the monotonous intonation of computer-generated text-to-speech vocalizations. Whether due to the player’s intentional choices or the unpredictable behavior of the Miis, the game is filled with absurdly amusing possibilities.

An official sequel to Tomodachi Life was never released.

Tomodachi Life quickly gained immense popularity and became as one of the most successful games on the 3DS, ultimately ranking as the 10th highest-selling title on the console. Nevertheless, it did not receive a sequel or a version for the Nintendo Switch.

While games such as Miitopia have attempted to continue the history of Mii-focused videogames, they have not fully satisfied the same desire. While Miitopia does offer some degree of customization, it fundamentally remains a turn-based RPG. Customization primarily pertains to superficial aspects and does not encompass the comprehensive interior design and social simulation features offered by Tomodachi Life. In essence, Tomodachi Life has been in need of a sequel for an extended while, and it appears that one may finally be in the works.

Following the cessation of the 3DS eShop, Tomodachi Life can now only be obtained through physical cartridges or by individuals who had previously acquired it digitally before the eShop’s discontinuation. Nevertheless, the recent trademark application suggests the possibility of a relaunch of the series. There is optimism for the possibility of additional Tomodachi Life content in the near future, which might include a Switch transfer of the original 3DS game, a remake built from scratch, or a whole new installment.

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The New Nintendo Switch News is something we should look forward to!

Tomodachi Life, initially launched as Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan, became renowned for its idiosyncratic interactions among user-generated Mii avatars. Although the use of Mii characters has decreased in Nintendo’s latest games, several titles like Nintendo Switch Sports still have these popular avatars.

The Japanese version of Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS was released in April 2013, and the international version was released in June 2014. It was the first game from Nintendo’s Tomodachi Collection series to be released outside of Japan. The original Tomodachi Collection, released in Japan in June 2009 for the Nintendo DS, cleared the path for the franchise to expand to an international audience.

The renewal of the Tomodachi Life trademark indicates that Nintendo may have intentions for the future development of this beloved series. Although there have been no official statements, fans are eagerly awaiting possible improvements and additions to the gameplay, along with the reappearance of the Mii characters. The possibility of a sequel or a remastered edition for newer gaming consoles is uncertain at this time. However, the renewal of the trademark has reignited optimism among fans throughout the globe.


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