Intel Graphics Card Vs Nvidia: Who will take over the throne in 2023? The awaited Battle to watch for!

Intel Graphics Card Vs Nvidia: Who will take over the throne in 2023? The awaited Battle to watch for!


The Battle between Two Tech Giants!

intel graphics card vs nvidia

Which one is better? Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia?


2022 has been a great year for PC and tech fans. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel has announced recently their latest CPUs. This provided new solutions for building custom rigs for personal use, gaming, and handling the ability to handle professional workload. AMD and Nvidia have been fighting among each other in the GPU field however Intel has also been voicing out their presence.


Intel had introduced its first launch of the graphic cards, namely, the Arc series. It also introduced the 13th Gen Intel core processors. The company has scrapped the old line-up of processor and replaced it with newer models. These chipsets are far more powerful and efficient than the previous processors. They are already gearing up for the competition against the giants. They have made it’s way into the GPU market and are going head-to-head with Nvidia.


Read below for the full analysis of Intel Graphics Card vs. Nvidia.

intel graphics card vs nvidia



The first release of Intel’s Arc GPU lineup, crafted specially for gaming was rejected. It was solely based on rumours, however Intel understood from this that they had to step up their game if they were to compete with Nvidia. They understood that they had to be innovative if they wanted to compete in the GPU market. Even though Intel is mostly responsible for the advanced computing technology, their market was fading slowly in the GPU market. This was until they introduced the new line of Graphic Cards to bring competition, which is Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia.


The GPU market is dominated mostly by AMD or Nvidia for a long time. Intel has lost is momentum because of it’s lack of innovation to GPU manufacturers. It sales plumetted. Even though the company almost lost balance, they had the chance to pick up the remaining pieces from its profit margins.


According to reports, the company introduced the 13th Gen Raptor Lake series of processors. The made the company accessible to deliver CPUs in record time and visible increase in core count. The hybrid CPU model enabled Intel to introduce improved multi-tasking capability. This was done by allocating the right core smartly to improve operational performance.

intel graphics card vs nvidia



Nvidia has the most powerful mainstream GPUs. Most of these GPUs deliver great performance and it has been made for gaming. The RTX 4090 is the most extensively-used GPU in the industry. There is a lot of demand for the GPU in the tech and gaming industry despite it’s high rate of pricing. The company announced mid-range Ada Lovelace GPUs like the RTX 4070 and the RTX 4060


Despite the growth and announcement of the new mid-range GPUs from Nvidia. They were not able to save themselves from the economic drop. Nvidia and AMD had already reached their market limit. Shipments were slowed down which resulted in 35% drop in sales from the laptop segment as well as 15% in desktop graphics.

intel graphics card vs nvidia

Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia! Who wins?


Till now, there is no final answer since both companies are struggling on sales. Nvidia is already at the front with it’s innovative, fast and efficient GPUs however Intel is making it’s way into the market with their new chipsets and GPUs.


Here we can see below the diffence. Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia


Intel Arc A770


Take a look at their Specs


Intel Arc A770 was launched on October 12, 2022. It was built on the 6nm process. It is based on the DG2-512 graphics processor. The graphics card supports Direct X 12 Ultimate. The GPU operates at a frequency of 2100 MHz, which can be overclocked up to 2400 MHz, while the memory runs at 2000 MHz which is effective at 16 Gbps.

The dual-slot graphic card dispaly outputs include one HDMI 2.1, three DisplayPort 2.0 and it is connected to the rest of the system with a PCI-Express 4.0 x16 interface. It’s initial launch price was $329.

intel graphics card vs nvidia

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080.


Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 was released slightly before Black Friday on November 16, 2022. The RTX 4080 16GB’s price is $1199. The card is incredibly fast. We played Overwatch on Ultra settings at 1440p using the RTX 4080 16GB and it managed to stay around 470 FPS. We can also expect impressive performance scores from the benchmark tests.

The 4080 has nearly 1000 more CUDA cores than the previous 3080. The faster clock speed gives the 4080 the extra push over the company’s previous products.


Click here for the specs.


It is one of the most impressive graphics cards we’ve seen. The GPU’s performance is exceptional at 4K and 1440p.


intel graphics card vs nvidia


Now we can see the difference between Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia




Asus, Lenovo, and Samsung are entering the laptop market. The Intel Graphics Card vs Nvidia battle will give the actual answer to which company will become the best in delivering the best performance.



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